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Ashes to Dust

When the air gets unbreathable, I nudge myself to move on ignoring my human conditioning . 'I am not giving up' I whisper to an immune and unamused God then I hand  Him the ropes.I am just a marionette after all. I am dust and to dust I shall return

The day I will turn to ashes no pain that I have endured will matter, the tears I have shed will have long dried and got forgotten No one will know to tell the story I have lived and the pain that devoured my aching lost soul. My days will seem so distant, as distant as your heart. I will take back the love I have showered you with. I will take my love back and you will get to feel the emptiness of your own soul without my love being there to lit the lights of your being. I will be able to forgive you at last for condescending attitude and inability to open your heart.

All that I have ever cared for will no longer matter, the musty dust will cover most of the places I once used to find comfort in. My bed will be messy as usual but…