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Twin Flame

Everyday over my Facebook there has to be at least one post about twin flames and if you haven't heard about twin flames I am seriously worried about you! The internet is buzzing for the last 5 years with this concept. The idea is that you meet a person ( usually a guy) and everything works great up to a point when he turns around and leaves you! The whole idea is that he's not an asshole and you were not blind! Nope! He's your twin flame! So that gets you in a waiting position! You're supposed to live your life with a broken heart and hope that the jerk comes back! Sorry I meant to say twin flame!

I always had an issue with this concept and will explain why!

1. You will have an excuse for every jerk that leaves your life like a coward! You will think ' what if he's my twin flame and he really needs some time alone?' . I mean... Seriously?! If he was needing some time alone he would not have been dating you in the first place!? But he dated you! So that means he was interested at a certain stage, if he turned around and walked your life is mainly because you're not interesting enough or he found someone else! Guys do not leave without a reason and unless he's in a coma... he ain't got a reason!

2. This whole concept makes you want to pause your life thinking that the twin twat will come back and probably encourage you to don't give up. Yeah. Nothing screams out ' I am desperate' than texting him 32 times a day to let him know exactly how you feel and how convinced you are about him being the one and only.

3. Instead of ending a relationship you are left in limbo! Seriously, if you have some self respect ( and this is the main theme here! ) don't! Do not put your life in hold for anyone! You are better than that!

4. Makes you feel sorry for the jerk who broke your heart. In a twin flame relationship the ' masculine energy' is the one running because he is not ready, because this love scares him. I am here laughing my head off! My darling, if he runs because he's scare he ain't a man! Simple! Do you need a bitch around? Why? So you can protect them!? This reminds me about this guy a meet a while ago and he was afraid to walk the streets of my town at 10 pm . I had a good laugh and offered to take him home so that he can feel safe! I had a good laugh with my friends on that one!

5. Real men will not break your heart, if you think otherwise you need to have a look at your childhood ( the psychologists recommend this, not me!) as there must be a drama in there...must be mum's or dad's fault! Now seriously! What's wrong with the guy who is always there for your!? Is he boring? Because he cares for you!? Because he will be the one whom you will run to when your heart is broken, he will always wipe your tears and fix you. Don't tell me you don't have one of those guys, we all do! It's usually the one that you don't pay attention to...the one your friends adore...give him a change! He's worth it!

6. Living in a fantasy world could be the worst thing you can do to yourself! It's like when someone you loved dies and you still hope that they will come back to life and this somehow was just a bad dream. That feeling in the morning when you wake up and for a few seconds you don't realise they were dead and life is all good....but then reality hits wasn't a was real. You cannot bring back the dead....the same way you cannot bring back a dead relationship! It's dead Louis! I am sorry to break it to you! You can try and revive it...let them go! Let yourself free!

7. You are worth it! When someone leaves your life is mainly because you deserve better and they are not part of your path anymore! God has other plans for you! Greater plans! Take time to mourn ....if you need to! It's ok  to cry, curse and wish you were dead. It's part of mourning. It's even ok to be angry and break a few plates, especially if you don't like them! but it's not ok for you to stop living your life! You need to move on! As I always say ' let go or get ready to get dragged!'

If you expect respect from the others make sure you are the one that shows respect towards yourself. If he turns around to leave, whish him good luck! That is the only thing you can do! And mean it! Wish him to be happy where ever he goes so he doesn't hurt anyone else the way he hurt you!

You need to asses your life and really ask yourself why are you drawn to men who are incapable of love? It's just you now, so be truthful! Now you also have more time to do the things that you never have time for! Write that book, sing that song, take those dance lesson's, Do that TEDx talk. Express yourself, inspire others!

Sending you love to caress your heart and light to guide your steps.

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