joi, 27 iulie 2017


I always know when it's time to let go but I sometimes want to believe others and decided to trust their poor words instead of myself. There is a great price to pay when you fail to listen and it was great settling the bill and even greater to be up to date with my debts. No regrets my darling, just gratitude.

I have learned my darling a great deal from my mistakes. I now know that not everyone is ready to love or be loved. Love is a scary thing when you don't know who you truly are or what your purpose is but mainly when you don't love yourself. The emptiness you feel inside that you desperately try to fill with alcohol or work will never get filled. Worry not, most people are the same and maybe one day you will have the courage to confront your fears and give yourself a chance. You truly deserve it!

Two and a half kiss later I am still where I was when I first meet you. Total darkness. Were you real or was it just my overactive imagination. The door to your heart was always closed and so were the other doors. I got a glimpse of your soul...and you were amazing, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You have a beautiful soul and resonate to mine at so many levels that I find it hard to explain in words. I feel you...and I see you. You and only you. Even if you are not ready to accept a lot of things you free to run as far as you like but we both know that you will never be able to hide from me. You can pretend I don't exist but I know what you truly feel. Run and do your thing, avoid feelings for as much as you like. Lie to yourself for as long as you need, it's ok.

I will be right here, picking up cobwebs from the corners of my soul. I will be signing and dancing in the moonlight. I will die and be born again. I will love and be loved.

When you get tired of playing games come back to me, I might be still young.