vineri, 23 iulie 2010

Did I?

Did I made you cry without whiping your tear?
in this lonley live in wich I had your heart in mine

Did I never looked back with love in you heart?
in this fullish game of 'who ever cares more'

Did I walk without looking back into your eyes?
just waiting for a word, a kiss a touch

Did I never showed who you are?
with every touch and heart beat

Did I never told you that you mean the whole world to me?
with every breath and ever beat of my heart

Did I called your name to many times?
people started to belive I changed my name

Did I ever looked back in anger and balmed you?
for not beeing whom I wanted you to be

Did I ever let you belive ?
that I was not next to your soul

Did I ever let you belive that you were alone?
on the boat sailing the horid sea

Did I ever missed to be you reflection?
in the sea water every time you looked

Did I ever said 'if you'd love me, you'll stop?'
even for a little while