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Suflet pereche

Multi si-au pierdut speranta,zambesc nostalgic clatinand negativ din cap cand le vorbesti despre suflete perche. Un mare scriitor roman pe care-l iubesc -Paler- zicea candva ' Doi oameni pot sa priveasca un obiect si sa vada doua lucruri total diferite' cred ca asta e secretul depinde cum privesti lucrurile, putina lume stie ca in privire sta totul! Prima privire iti spune totul despre un om! Prima privire va recunoaste mereu un suflet pereche!!! Lumina din priviri,e o sclipire aparte care poate iti aduce si un zambet de ce nu, un semtinemt de deja-vous,asta e, simplu! Depinde ce cauti. Depinde ce vezi in cel de lanaga tine.Un suflet pereche nu inseamna un amant/a sau iubit/a. Suflet pereche poate sa-ti fie sora, fratele, cainele, pisica, cel mai bun prieten, unchiul.... oricine poate sa-ti fie suflet pereche.Nu e cazul sa intri in depresie daca ai impresia ca pisica ti-e suflet pereche, e mai mult decat probabil ca in aceasta lume sa cunosti mai multe suflete pereche, totul e sa fi destul de evoluat/a sa il/o recunosti la timp daca cumva se intampla sa ratezi si ti-e teama ca ti-ai pierdut sufletul pereche, nu-ti face griji, ai la dispozitie o eternintate sa il/o regasesti si sa fiti din nou impreuna...

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You and I

Here we are again! I hoped you got lost in the nothingness of all the days that have passed since we last stood face to face, separated by darkness only. I can feel your breath on my neck and in my mind I am begging you again to let me go.

I feel your shadow surrounding me, your musty scent poisons the air around me.  Like a bad sin, you never stay away for too long. You call it 'love', I call it 'curse'. You think that all this is a game and I enjoy your company. Maybe you're just as confused as I am and mistake my tears for rain and my scream for help with a lullaby.   A deep breath before I turn to face you, your poisons scent inundates every cell in my lungs . I curse the moment I was born and wish I could run to the end of the world and hide in a cage for the rest of my miserable life.

I can see your sharp teeth shining in the candle light while you laugh in my face. Your unkind touch  makes me tremble beyond control. I am stretching my arm in the dark in a clu…


The space between the worlds where I can find myself without looking in the water reflection and getting a glimpse of what I once was and what I long to be.

There are no thoughts just the silence of my own soul.My armour is abandoned at the door I am free of darkness. I shred layer after layer until I walk naked and the ground shivers beneath my feet, the sun kisses all my imperfections and the wind calls my name. I will no longer hide behind the vail of lies. I raise my arms to the sky and I know I am where I belong. If this place would actually exist and have a name I could probably call it 'home'

Here, I allow myself to be. I can be simple, can be nobody and nobody's. I am nobody's child, nobody's lover, nobody's mother.

No longer the exhausted body that strives to look beautiful and thin to please those who can only see.
No longer the smile that shows up every time insecurities surface to impress those who judge.
No longer the laughter that hides a cry to …