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In between

How can you know the depth of the darkness unless you can compare it something else?  But what can you compare darkness with?  Total black out? If you can still see the moon or the stars is still darkness?This place is so dark and there are no stars,  just rain and mist.  Can it get darker? The answer is always 'yes' but I don't prefer the reality. I like to indulge myself in a promiscuous lie and say 'no'.  After darkness always comes light, it has to!  There is no guarantee but we sometimes have to delude ourselves. There is no promise!  Here and now is all we have.  There is no guarantee that there will be a future.  I am here in my darkness and maybe this is all I will ever have. Let there be no light,  I will chance my vision and become a cat.  Let there be no future and I will happily accept my fate for what it is. I am complete,  may it be darkness or light.  May it be now, tomorrow or never. I can accept things even if  I cannot change them and I can accept…
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This sound

This sound...  Laugh
This sound...  It' gonna blow your mind! I have art in my heart! Sacred geometry finally make sense!  Lives in every corner of my being and changes with every move that I make and every sound...  This sound...  I repeat again and again...  This sound...  I love the voice,  the sequence of the sacred geometry and the color of it.
I laugh as I hear my voice as if it was God talking to me.  I never knew who I was until now!  I am a sound...  And not any sound...  This soundThere is great power in knowing that you are the creator of your world.  Knowning that you can have what ever you wish.   Just think of it,  call it's name and it becomes real.  We are the masters of our own universe let's make it worth our time!

The sheepy dragon

I was raised to believe I was a sheep and sent to church to pray for my sins every time I burped fire.  I leaned to run with the other sheeps in my heard and leaned to love them all, we were all sheeps after all  or so I belived. I always knew not to cross the line and be quiet, I was trained for all that but even so deep inside it all fell wrong.  I was having to walk the earth when all I deemed of was to fly and dance with the clouds.  I was forced to look up to everyone when I felt I should admire them from above. 
So many times I was punished when I raised my eyes to watch the beautiful blue sky where all my dreams belonged.  My clouds were my soft coushins and they made me bend my knees and kneal on the concrete. It took me a life time to have the courage to look in the mirror to find out who I truly am.  You cannot hide your true nature!  It's like a sin that will always haunt you until you surrender and accept it.  I was looking in the mirror hoping to find a sheep and fou…

Love the most expensive brand

Whomever invented this brand was a true marketing  God.  I mean isn't this the supreme bling?and yes...  I said bling as in bling bling. 
It's all meant to make you stupid and look for love outside the self...  Let's put our faith in a random stranger to come and fill our life with joy!   Because we are incomplete without it!  We all need love!!!  And we are taught that love has has to come from someone else!  Someone important!  Someone emotionally unavailable preferably...  They will offcourse be smitten by our presence and immediately chance! 
It's all so simple really!  All he has to do is come and save me!!!  I need saving!  ( most likely from myself as I can be an utter bitch)  Guess what?  I don't care about your brand!  Not looking for love...  Or loved one...  Not even two! ( as tempting as it sounds!)   I refuse!  It' all an  manipulation!  We are manipulated to believe that we need love!  And that the love that we need could ever come from outside.…

Twin Flame

Everyday over my Facebook there has to be at least one post about twin flames and if you haven't heard about twin flames I am seriously worried about you! The internet is buzzing for the last 5 years with this concept. The idea is that you meet a person ( usually a guy) and everything works great up to a point when he turns around and leaves you! The whole idea is that he's not an asshole and you were not blind! Nope! He's your twin flame! So that gets you in a waiting position! You're supposed to live your life with a broken heart and hope that the jerk comes back! Sorry I meant to say twin flame!

I always had an issue with this concept and will explain why!

1. You will have an excuse for every jerk that leaves your life like a coward! You will think ' what if he's my twin flame and he really needs some time alone?' . I mean... Seriously?! If he was needing some time alone he would not have been dating you in the first place!? But he dated you! So that me…

Decision time

When you get one of those letters:
'It seems like it was yesterday when I first saw you,  I was mesmerized by your eyes and as you well know your beautiful body.  It was like God has made so many attempts to make the perfect woman and he finally succeed when He made you.  I am guessing I didn't had the same effect on you,  quite the opposite as you ripped my bussines card and sarcastically said ' I will call you'. I remember you walking away and calling me names,  I could hear you!
I made the impossible possible and after a long year I had my first chance to talk to you.  It was magical!  I will remember that evening,  the dress and the perfume you were wearing.  You gave me a chance...  Gave us a chance!  The years that followed were the greatest years of my life!
The long nights, sun set and rises.  Steamy conversations about politics,  life and death, fundamental principles,  economics, astronomy and so on.  You always accused me of having a narrow mind and being …

Another dream

I was back at home with my mother and my sister.  We were laughing and talking about silly stuff.  My house was all made out of wood and the rooms were tall.  Suddenly everyone disappeared being busy with life and I was resting on my bed.  I felt this warmth in my chest,  I am quite familiar with feeling warmth in my chest but this was somehow different.  I went for a bath and while I was in the bath I somehow knew I was going do die. I went for what it seemed a nap and woke up on a dark street.  Walking around I could see a group of young men so ran towards them but they were unable to see me,  I tapped one of them on the shoulder but he wasn't able to see me.  I knew I was no longer alive but this was not how I pictured the afterlife to be.  Another group of young men showed up,  they were playing basketball.  They looked at me and smiled.  'Can you see me?! ' I asked ' Yes, ' said one of them.  'So I am not....?  ' I couldn't get myself to say it.  &…